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                                            Process for Calculation of Dux and First Place

                                                                      in Years 11 and 12


A students top five subjects will be considered to determine the highest academic performing students at each year level. For a subject to be considered it must be at the appropriate year level and also must include at least four achievement standards. Unit standards grades are not considered in the calculations to determine the highest performing academic students. Subjects that are at the appropriate level and were studied in previous years may also be included in a student’s top five subjects.


The following process is used to calculate a numerical value to rank student academic performance:

  1. The credit value of each achievement standard that has either been assessed (internal) or estimated (external) of a subject is multiplied by the grade designated number (gdn).

  2. The products are then summed and divided by the summed number of the credit values multiplied by the excellence gdn of achievement standards to produce a subject ranking numerical value.

  3. A students’ top five subject ranking numerical values are summed to produce an overall academic performance ranking value.

NOTE – all achievement standards must be considered in the process:


5   =    Excellent

3   =    Merit

2   =    Achieved

0   =    Not Achieved

E.g. Calculus has one internal worth four credits and through practice externals an estimated grade has been derived for three externals that are worth a total of 17 credits.

If a student achieved excellence in all four standards, then total number of credits (21) is multiplied by the excellence gdn. (21*5=105).

E.g. One student gets E on Internal (AS 90637) two Merits (AS 90635 worth 6 credits) and (AS 90636 worth 6 credits) and 1 Achieved (AS 90638 worth 5 credits) on practice externals.


E   =    4 * 5

M  =    6 * 3

M  =    6 * 3

A   =    5 * 2


Total = 20 +18 +18+ 10 = 66

This is out of a possible 105 (see above).

So student has got 66/105 = 0.6286


I need to see the following information from all teachers of seniors and for all senior students they teach.

If some students’ grades look like they are missing, Inquiries will be made with Teachers about clarification of student’s grades.

SLT and Senior Academic Dean will determine 1st Place in Year and DUX with this information.  Discretion of Principal might need to be used. In a situation where students are equal, consideration will take place where credits were gained first or as a resubmission / resit.


Name of                AS 90637            AS 90636           AS 90637           AS 90638           Students            Total                    Subject                   

Student                 (I) 4 credits        (E) 6 credits       (E) 6 credits      (E) 5 credits      Total                    Available           Calculated Valu

JOE                        E=20                    M= 18                 M= 18                  A=10                   ​66                        105                      .6286

ERANA                  E=20                    E= 30                  M=18                   E =25                  93                        105                      .8857

NEVILLE               E=20                    M =18                  E=30                   M = 15                 83                       105                      .7905

SOPHIE                 N=0                      E=30                   E=30                   E=25                    85                       105                      .8095


     90637 =   4 * 5  = 20

     90636 =   6 * 5  = 30

     90637 =   6 * 5  = 30

     90638 =   5 * 5  = 25


Total possible = 105


Sophie was a late enrolment.  In this case we would have to organise for her to do internal assessment.

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