Lisa Janek

HoF Science/Chemistry/Science Teacher



Dean Suter

Assistant HOF/Biology/Science Teacher



Andrea Rodgers

Science/Biology Teacher


Kathryn Ross

Physics/Science Teacher


Sarah Summerfield

Science Teacher


Studying Science is a way of investigating, understanding and explaining our world.  This involves learning about the Material world (Chemistry), the Living world (Biology), the Physical world (Physics) and Planet Earth & Beyond (Earth and Space Science).

Alongside content learning there are a variety of skills that is used in science learning which are just as important to learners in the 21st century:


  • making observations and asking questions (being curious)

  • investigating (both practical and through research)              

  • communicating understanding (both orally and written)

  • evaluating evidence


Junior Science at Fairfield College

In both Years 9 and 10 classes all four of the Worlds are covered in one year.  Teachers are able to design topics and programmes that meet the needs of the learners in their class.


Typically in Year 9 the concepts covered are:

  • elements, mixtures, energy, ecology, astronomy

Typically in Year 10 the concepts covered are:

  •  elements & compounds, acids & bases, motion, forces, human body, geology


Senior Science Courses at Fairfield College

Year 11:   

Academic Science, Applied Science, Horticulture

Year 12:               

Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Land Based Skills, General Science

Year 13:

Chemistry (UE), Biology (UE), Physics (UE)