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Learning Support 


Students with additional learning needs at Fairfield College are supported in a variety of ways.  Our focus is to ensure that every student receives the support they need to successfully engage in the curriculum at school.

  • Specialist in-class support for literacy and numeracy.

  • Individualised learning programmes.

  • Learning Support Centre (LSC) supporting all students in the school.

  • Junior Foundation Programme – specialist termly intervention programme for literacy and numeracy for students in Years 9 and 10.

What do we do?

Ensure students are placed in the programme which best suits their learning needs.  We do this by:

  • Enrolment interview with students and whaanau/caregivers.

  • Developing a transition programme with intermediate/previous schools.

  • Careful assessment of previous learning support programmes.

  • Specialist understanding of a wide range of diagnosed learning difficulties.

Enhanced Learning Environments

  • The Head of the Faculty of Learning Support- liases with Year Deans and Academic Deans to monitor the progress of students and identify potential areas of concern.

  • The Learning Support Co-ordinator (SLCo) – liaises with staff, students and families gathering information around individual student’s needs and exploring avenues of support.

  • IEPs - Develops Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for On-Going Resourcing Scheme (ORS) students and students with significant learning difficulties.

  • NZQA Special Assessment Conditions - Identifies monitors and makes applications for students eligible for SACs. On enrolment, each student completes a form detailing any pre-existing conditions likely to impact on a student’s ability to perform to his or her maximum potential in NCEA assessments.

  • Support for Students and Staff- providing information around specific learning difficulties in the classroom.

Specialist Teaching

  • Te Pira Newanewa – a specialist classroom based in the LSC for ORS funded students and students with a significant learning condition, which makes learning in the mainstream classroom a challenge. Students follow enhanced individualised learning programmes delivered by specialist teachers and a team of highly experienced teacher aides. All students are encouraged to join mainstream classes with teacher aide support.

  • In-class Support – all year 9 students are assessed during the first term to identify possible learning difficulties. The LSC team works with teachers across the curriculum to ensure all students are able to access their learning programmes.

  • Individual/small group withdrawal – for students with significant learning needs requiring specialist interventions programmes.

  • ESOL – specialist teaching programmes for identified students whose first language is not English.

  • Diagnostic Testing – for students with possible Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. Dyslexia; Dyspraxia).

  • Diagnostic Referral – The LSC works closely with the Ministry of Education and its team of specialists to make applications for additional services or funding where appropriate.

  • Outside Agencies - The LSC links with the Ministry of Education and a range of other support agencies such as the Kelston Deaf Education Centre, the Visual Impairment Centre, ACC and Occupational Therapy services.

  • Special Assessment Conditions (SACs) – gather evidence in support of and prepare applications for NZQA external assessments. 

  • Safe Zone – the LSC is a place where students can come to ‘cool off’ or calm down if anxiety levels rise beyond a comfortable level. We link closely with the school’s Hauora Centre.                                  


Syreeta AhMu

Head of Faculty for LS



Gabrielle Bain


Denise Mayne


Leeanne Stimpson


Karina Tupaea


Scott Galvin


Rachel McShane

ESOL Teacher Aide



Sano Taiese


Kim McCall

LS Co-Ordinator Teacher



Michael Earnshaw


Lynda Rowe

Crest blue background.JPG

Maraenui Taituha

Teacher Aide



Gilly Hickton

LS Senior Foundation Teacher



Shelley Keeley


Shannon Samuels


Timothy Walters

Teacher Aide


"A unique school community committed to safe, quality education and personal achievement for every individual"
He hāpori kura motuhake, e pūmau nei ki te ture haumaru, ki te mātauranga hira, ki te whakaeanga paetae  mō tēnā mō tēnā”



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