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Draft Policies

Fairfield College Firearms Policy

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Arms Act 1983 and Health and Safety at Work Act 2015:

A Practical Guide for Boards of Trustees and School Leaders.




The board of trustees is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all workers, students, visitors and contractors by complying with the Arms Act 1983 and Arms Regulations 1992.

This policy applies to and is to be followed by all members of the school’s leadership team, workers, students, contractors, temporary workers, volunteers and visitors.


  All firearms learning activities must first be approved by the Board of Trustees


The Arms Act 1983 defines a firearm as anything from which any shot, bullet, missile or other projectile can be discharged by force of explosive. It includes anything that has been adapted so that it can discharge any shot, bullet, missile or other projectile by force of explosive. This also includes specially dangerous air guns.

It also includes anything that for the time being is not capable of discharging any shot, bullet, missile or other projectile by force of explosive, but which by its completion or repair would be capable of doing so.

The Board is committed to:

  • Complying with the Arms Act 1983.

  • Engaging with the local community and under-standing their position on firearms in schools.

  • Providing alternative educational opportunities for students who do not have parental consent to be involved with firearms related activities.

  • Running regular firearm safety courses for students who participate in small bore and clay bird/target shooting activities.

  • Requiring at least one staff member to hold a firearms licence if any learning activity involving firearms is offered to students

  • Ensuring there are alternative arrangements in place for communicating with parents/caregivers whose first language is not English and/or te reo Māori.

  • Completing a risk analysis management plan for each event involving firearms.



  • Firearms are only to be brought on to school grounds as outlined in the Ministry of Education guidelines. These include for educational purposes, Defence Force and NZ Police visits, careers days, firearms safety courses, antique auctions, pest control or special events such as Anzac day.

  • Firearms are not permitted to be stored at the school. If firearms are required for a learning activity they must be bought on to the school site for the duration of the activity only.

  • All firearms brought on to school grounds must be unloaded. Where possible, their bolts should also be removed.

  • No ammunition shall be brought on to school grounds with firearms.

  • Before firearms are brought on to school grounds a risk analysis management plan shall be completed and made available to parents of children involved in the firearms programme.

  • Outside of the processes outlined above, firearms should only be brought onto school grounds in emergency situations (eg. NZ Police).

  • Firearms on school grounds shall, at all times, be under the control and responsibility of an authorised user who shall also hold an appropriate firearms licence (unless the activity is endorsed by the school and involves board approved student participation.) The principal or appointed member of staff shall sight the firearms licence of each authorised user bringing firearms on to school grounds.

  • The principal or a delegated person shall maintain a log of all firearms brought on to school grounds, arrival and departure time, the name and signature of the authorised user and their firearms licence number and expiry date.

  • The authorised user shall comply with the seven firearms safety rules as specified by the NZ Police.

  • These procedures will not need to be followed by the NZ Police or Armed Forces personnel in the event of a security incident where they need to come on to school premises for law enforcement or national security purposes.

  • All firearms learning activities that are conducted off site need to complete a RAMS form and gain Board approval (A current firearms license is required by the person responsible for the learning activity).


The use of ceremonial drill training aids in the services academy Specific procedures/protocols for mock rifle use relevant to US 24099:

All ceremonial drill training aids (wood) will be stored on school site. These will be stored in a bag or hard case that is clearly labelled and stored in a secure cupboard.

  1. Ceremonial drill training aids will only be used within the school hall for marching / ceremonial drill practice.

  2. Ceremonial drill training aids will be counted out and counted back in at the beginning and end of each lesson. A register will be kept to record of this and rifles will be numbered – an accounting system. 

  3. Ceremonial drill training aids will confined to the front reception, school hall and top corridor. These will not be visible in any other area in or around school unless prior permission from the school principal.

  4. Ceremonial drill training aids will not be used for any battle scenarios. They are only for the practice and demonstration of ceremonial foot drill.

  5. Students are not to take photos of any activities that involve the ceremonial drill training aids.





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