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Career Advice

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Money Guide for Students

MoneyHub has published a money guide for students to give you the tools and information so you can develop a great relationship with money. Check it out here:

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Interested in an Apprenticeship?

MoneyHub has a must-read guide that explains apprenticeships. If you're interested in learning a trade, this page is for you. Check it out here:

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Moneyhub Guide for Jobs

MoneyHub has updated its comprehensive directory of student jobs. With 50+ well-known employers listed and links to their student job application details, getting a part-time job is a lot easier with this guide:

Like our scholarship page, this guide is free to use, download and take action on. We have published a number of tips for job application success as well as a CV guide and interview tips, designed to make the application process less stressful for your students.

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