Congratulations to our Board of Trustees members who allowed themselves to be nominated for the Fairfield College Board of Trustees (2019 - 2021).


As the constitution for the Board is set at seven representatives we did not have to have an election and all seven nominated people have been appointed to the Board of Trustees. The new Board held their first meeting on 1st July.

Fairfield College Board of Trustees 2019 -2021

Darise MacKenzie                    Chairperson

Leticia Koschany                       Deputy Chairperson

Richard Crawford                     Secretary and Principal

Kit Buckley                                      Parent Representative

Chris Laird                                         Parent Representative

Andrew Harries                           Parent Representative

Colin Leeming                             Parent Representative

Deborah Fisher                         Parent Representative

Sophie Brown                              Student Representative

Kiran Gibbard                                Staff Representative