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"Celebrating our Successes"

 MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                                                                      

Tena koutou e te whānau

Term 3 has been an extremely busy term for all students and staff.  Student achievement and student performance in sports and performing arts have been the highlights of the term.

Fairfield College is proud of our capacity to provide strong traditional learning pathways that enable our students to progress to university studies. This year Fairfield College has increased our participation in the Trades Academy and also established a partnership with Te Wanage o Aotearoa.  We have a group of students who are engaging in learning programmes in health and fitness and also in the area of whakairo (the art of Māori carving).  At the end of 2014 the school also developed a partnership with the Papakura Based High Wire Charitable Trust to establish a services academy at Fairfield College.  This was implemented in 2015 and has provided student with learning experiences that have enabled them to gain a greater understanding of the skills and knowledge that are required for them to pursue a pathway in services such as the army, police, air force, and navy.  Currently Fairfield College is developing a partnership with Wintec and Fraser High School to staircase students into an engineering pathways.

Pathways to university studies remains a priority at Fairfield College but of equal importance is the provision of other purposeful vocational pathways that enable all of our students to access further training or employment when they leave Fairfield College.

The school is developing plans to expand the use of the Fairfield College school marae, Te Aratiatia.  The aim is to provide more experiential learning for our students. The proposal involves students engaging in learning in Tourism, Mandarin, Te Teo Māori, Māori Cooking, Māori Performing Arts, an other relevant courses while welcoming and hosting people interested in a cultural experience.

Ngā mihi

Richard Crawford

START DATES FOR 2016                                                                                                     

 Tuesday 2 February  Teacher Only Day                                  
 Wednesday 3 February
 Year 11 and Year 12 only
 Thursday 4 February
 Year 13 and Year 9 only                                                              
 Friday 5 February
 Year 9 and Year 10 only
 Monday 8 February
 Tuesday 9 February
 Whole school attend

UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                                                            

 Monday 2nd
Senior Effort Awards                                   
 Tuesday 3rd
Senior Prizegiving
 Wednesday 4th
Year 11 Prizegiving
 Friday 6th
NZQA Exams start
 Tuesday 17th
PTA Meeting
 Monday 23rd
Waikato Junior Games
 Thursday 26th
Year 9 Orientation 2016
 Wednesday 2nd
 NZQA exams end
 Thursday 3rd - 4th
 Monday 7th
 ALC Trip
   Ngaruawahia Day
 Tuesday 8th
 Junior Prizegiving
   School closes for 2015
 Wednesday 9th
 Unveiling - Te Iho Rangi

  BELL TIMES                                                                                                                         

 P2  Lunch1  P3  P4 Lunch2
Students Depart
 12:35pm 1:35pm
   P1  P2 Lunch 1
 P3  Assembly  P4 Lunch 2
 P5  Students Depart
 9:00am*  9:50am**  10:45am  11:20am  12:15pm  12:45pm 

*Year 9 and 10 only start 9:00am Wednesdays

**Years 11-13 start at 9:50am Wednesdays

School finishes 3:10pm every day for all year levels


  Year 9
 Shon Robbins
867  robbinss@faircol.school.nz
  Year 10
 Andrea Kingi
  Year 11
 Braden MacPherson
  Year 12
 Kris Sainsbury
  Year 13
 Andrea Rodgers
  Deans Secretary
 Sally Winchester

  DOCTORS SCHEDULE                                                                                                         

TUESDAYS 10:00am - 11:00am                              Dr Arvind Narayan
FRIDAYS     9:00AM - 11:00AM                               Dr Lydia Sulima-Rogaczewski

  HEAD STUDENTS FOR 2015                                                                                               

Aidan Sami
Kate Turley
Callum MacDonald


                 Ruth Bateson          


 NZQA STUDENT APP                                             FFC IS NOW ON FACEBOOK                




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 STUDENT PARENT PORTAL                                                                                                

The Student Parent Portal is available through the school website www.faircol.school.nz
This portal enables you to check your child's attendance, and academic results.  Other information regarding your child will become available as the year progresses.

  REPORTING STUDENT ABSENCE                                                                                       

Attendance is a key indicator of achievement and we have set a school goal of 92%.  Please report student absences by either one of the three methods below:
  1. By telephone: call 853 5660 extn: 837.  Please record the full name of student, their whanau class and the reason for their absence.
  2. By email: absentees@faircol.school.nz   Please record the full name of the student, their whanau class and the reason for their absence.
  3. By texting: The number parents text to is 3255.  Please include the following information:
    • When you text you MUST start your text message with the following keyword "faircol"
    • After this code you MUST put a space then any message you want to send.
    • When parents send in a text, they will automatically get the following response: "Thank you for your reply Fairfield College"

  NEW MOBILE APP CALLED "NCEA GUIDE"                                                                      

NZQA is launching a new mobile App called "NCEA Guide" written for parents, whanau and employers.

The App will provide quick and easy access to key information about NCEA and makes practical information about NCEA more easily accessible.  Parents and whanau will be able to access simple content about how NCEA works and how they can support family members studying in NCEA (no individual student result or progress information is available).
The App also supports employers seeking to understand and evaluate NCEA graduates and their qualification.  Content can be viewed in English and Te Reo Maori.
The NCEA Guide App will be free to download from the Apple App store and Google Play Store from early in the week of 26 May.
Information will be added to the NZQA website to promote the App and on launch day there will be social messages sent out about how to download it.
If you have any questions about the App or would like further information please contact Gill Hancock, Principals Nominee.