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   MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                                

Tena koutou e te whaanau

The 2018 Fairfield College School year has started with great anticipation and excitement. Staff are implementing the curriculum innovations that we discussed last year and over the next month students will be adjusting to these innovations.

A system of review has been set up to monitor and inform the curriculum innovations implementation process. The review is scheduled to commence in week 8 of term one and will be ongoing throughout the year. Student, parent and teacher voice will be the major drivers of the review.

The three innovations are:                                                                                 1. The introduction of a learning advisory structure - "Waananga Akotahi".         2. The increase of learning period time from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.              3. The redesign of NCEA.                                                                                                                          For background information on all innovations please click on the "Curriculum Innovations 2018" tab on our website.

1. Waananga Akotahi:

Waananga Akotahi is the learning advisory structure that the school has implemented and it replaces the traditional whaanau class structure. Waananga can be defined as a meeting to discuss, deliberate and consider. Waananga can also define a place of learning and akotahi describes coming to one with learning, or to focus consistently on learning.  The programme supports students in their learning and guides them in their decision-making about appropriate education pathways for their future as well as strengthening their self-management skills.

Pouako waananga (teachers of Waananga Akotahi) will mentor and support students through their journey at school to position them on a purposeful post-secondary school pathway. Each akotahi roopu (group) consists of students at all year levels and they meet on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00am to 9.30am. Please refer to the 2018 timetable below.

2. Extending period learning times from 60 minutes to 90 minutes:

The main driver of this change was to provide a structure that students and teachers could engage in deeper learning. The extended learning periods should provide a framework that enables teachers to spend more time exploring ideas and concepts and linking what students learn to the world in which we live in. Key points of the 2018 Timetable are:

3. Redesign of NCEA:

Year 11 is the beginning of a two year journey where students work towards attaining a purposeful NCEA Level 2 qualification. The redesign of NCEA is aligned with other innovations that have been introduced in 2018. The innovations are designed to optimise student achievement under the theme that less is better. Over the springboard years, and particularly in Year 11, students will undergo less summative NZQA reportable assessment than Year 11 students previously undergone. It is envisaged that such an approach will enable more Year 11 Fairfield College students to engage in deeper and more purposeful learning. It is interesting to note that since we made the decision to redesign NCEA the Minister of Education announced that the NCEA qualification will be reviewed in 2018.

For background/further information please see the "Curriculum Innovations 2018" tab on our website, and our February 2018 Newsletter.

Consultation of Health Curriculum:

The Board of Trustees are conducting a consultation exercise of the school's current Health curriculum at the Year 9 and Year 10 levels. Information of this consultation has been placed on the school website, under the tab "Health Curriculum Consultation". I encourage all parents to participate in this process so that we are able to respond to the feedback that we receive.  

Click on this link to carry out survey -  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PH3RCGT


Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to a successful term one in the 2018 school year.

Ngaa mihi

Richard Crawford



                       IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS/CAREGIVERS                           


For the safety of our students, all carparks on school grounds will be closed before and after school.

Please use the bus bay or the road to park while dropping off or collecting your child.  


  DIGITAL COMMUNICATION                                                                                               

A letter was sent home on February 27th to inform parents that the school is moving to replace conventional post communications with digital communications.  In doing this Fairfield College is following a similar trend followed by other businesses and organisations because it is a more effective means of communicating important information. Thank you to all parents and caregivers that responded to the request to update their e-mails.  I encourage all parents/caregivers to ensure that the school does have their latest e-mail address.


The Parent/Student Web Portal is an important tool that provides the school with the capacity to publish student information onto the web, for access by both parent and student.  This information includes; calendar, notices, details, timetable, attendance achievement, and Student Reports.  If you have not received a portal username and password for access to this information please e-mail the school at sparksm@faircol.school.nz and this will be sent to you. To access the Parent/Student Portal on the school website please see the left hand side 2nd from top 'Student/Parent/Caregiver Portal' click on Student Managements System Portal, enter username and password. Student Reports are now also accessed through the Parent / Student Portal.

 UPCOMING  EVENTS                                                                                                            


 TERM 1  
 Thursday 1 February  Years 11 & 12 in School
 Friday 2 February  Years 9 & 13 in School
 Monday 5 February  Years 9 & 10 in School
 Tuesday 6 February  WAITANGI DAY
 Wednesday 7 February  All Year Levels in School
 Wednesday 7 Feb to 9 Feb  Year 13 Camp
 Sunday 11 February  Waikato Secondary Schools Beach Volley Tournament
 Tuesday 13 February  Year 9 BBQ - 5.00pm at School Pool. Bring Togs & Towel.
 Wednesday 14 February  SCHOOL FINISHES EARLY 1.05pm
 Thursday 15 Feb to Frid 16 Feb  Peer Mentors Camp
 Tuesday 20 February  Athletics Day
 Thursday 22 February  Athletics Back-Up Day
 Monday 26 Feb to Wed 28 Feb  Year 11 High/Low Ropes Camp

 MARCH 2018

 Friday 2 March  Swimming Sports
 Monday 5 March  University of Canterbury Visit
 Monday 5 March to Fri 9 March  Year 9 STARS Camp
 Wednesday 14 March  Zone Athletics
 Friday 16 March  Mountain Dress Up Day
 Monday 19 March to Fri 23 March  NZSS Softball Tournament
 Saturday 24 March  WBOP Athletics
 Monday 26 March  Otago University Visit
 Friday 30 March  GOOD FRIDAY

 APRIL 2018

 Monday 2 April  EASTER MONDAY
 Tuesday 3 April  EASTER TUESDAY
 Thursday 5 April  AUT (Auckland) University Visit
 Tuesday 10 April  Waikato Secondary Schools Swimming
 Wednesday 11 April  ANZAC Assembly
 Wednesday 11 April to Fri 13 April  Year 11 & 13 Sailing Camp
 Thursday 12 April  Victoria University (Wellington) Visit
 TERM 2  
 Thursday 10 May  Auckland University Visit


  2018 TERM DATES                                                                                                                                                  

 TERM 1  1 February to 13 April 2018
            1 February 2018 - Year 11 & 12 in School
            2 February 2018 - Year 9 & 13 in School
            5 February 2018 - Year 9 & 10 in School
            7 February 2018 - All Year Levels in School
 TERM 2  30 April to 6 July 2018
 TERM 3  23 July to 28 September 2018
 TERM 4  15 October - 7 December (to be confirmed)



  Year 9
 Julie Wright
867  wrightj@faircol.school.nz
  Year 10  Maxine Te Rongomau
  Year 11  Dean Suter
  Year 12
 Andrea Rodgers 865  rodgersa@faircol.school.nz
  Year 13
 Jenny Heta
824  hetaj@faircol.school.nz
  Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator
 Sally Winchester


  BELL SCHEDULE                                                                                                                 


  DOCTORS SCHEDULE                                                                                                        

TUESDAYS           10:00am - 11:00am                              Dr Arvind Narayan
THURSDAYS          9:00AM - 11:00AM                               Dr Lydia Sulima-Rogaczewski

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 STUDENT PARENT PORTAL                                                                                                

The Student Parent Portal is available through the school website www.faircol.school.nz
This portal enables you to check your child's attendance, and academic results.  Other information regarding your child will become available as the year progresses.

  REPORTING STUDENT ABSENCE                                                                                    

Attendance is a key indicator of achievement and we have set a school goal of 92%.  Please report student absences by either one of the methods below:
  1. By telephone: call 853 5660 extn: 837.  Please record the full name of student, their whanau class and the reason for their absence.
  2. By email: absentees@faircol.school.nz   Please record the full name of the student, their whanau class and the reason for their absence.

  MOBILE APP CALLED "NCEA GUIDE"                                                                             

NZQA has launched an App called "NCEA Guide" written for parents, whanau and employers.

The App will provide quick and easy access to key information about NCEA and makes practical information about NCEA more easily accessible.  Parents and whanau will be able to access simple content about how NCEA works and how they can support family members studying in NCEA (no individual student result or progress information is available).
The App also supports employers seeking to understand and evaluate NCEA graduates and their qualification.  Content can be viewed in English and Te Reo Maori.
The NCEA Guide App will be free to download from the Apple App store and Google Play Store from early in the week of 26 May.
Information will be added to the NZQA website to promote the App and on launch day there will be social messages sent out about how to download it.
If you have any questions about the App or would like further information please contact Gill Hancock, Principals Nominee. hancockg@faircol.school.nz