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 MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                                    

Tena koutou e te whaanau

In the June school newsletter, I informed our school community that over the last 30 months I have been working with staff and students to develop our thinking around learning structure innovations, that I believe will improve school capacity at all levels to engage more effectively in our core business of improving learning, enabling progress, and raising achievement.

The learning structures that we were reviewing was the replacing of our whaanau groups with Learning Advisory Groups and the introduction of longer period times. After considering feedback from the inquiry teams and also based on my own research, I have decided to implement these innovations at Fairfield College in 2018.  Since the June 2017 newsletter and as a result of continued inquiry I am now in a position to share the FFC draft timetable with our school community.  To view the timetable please click onto the following link to the July Newsletter:



Richard Crawford


  CONFIRMED CASES OF MUMPS IN THE SCHOOL                                                          

28 June 2017

Today it was confirmed by the Waikato District Health Board that two Fairfield College students have contracted the mumps.  Fortunately, we do not have to quarantine access to the school with mumps as we were required to do in 2016 with the measles as the direction received from the doctor is that there is no need to implement any additional precautions.

The doctor has, however, requested that the school distributes the communication which you will find on the following link:


Fairfield College will continue to monitor this situation and seek professional medical advice as required but at this stage all school activities will proceed as normal.  

If you suspect that your child has the mumps, please contact your GP in the first instance - please do not send them to school.  

Richard Crawford                                                                                                      


 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION                                                                                                 

 A letter was sent home on February 27th to inform parents that the school is moving to replace conventional post communications with digital communications.  In doing this Fairfield College is following a similar trend followed by other businesses and organisations because it is a more effective means of communicating important information. Thank you to all parents and caregivers that responded to the request to update their e-mails.  I encourage all parents/caregivers to ensure that the school does have their latest e-mail address.

The Parent / Student Web Portal is an important tool that provides the school with the capacity to publish student information onto the web, for access by both parent and student.  This information includes; calendar, notices, details, timetable, attendance achievement, and Student Reports.  If you have not received a portal username and password for access to this information please e-mail the school at brownl@faircol.school.nz and this will be sent to you. To access the Parent / Student Portal on the school website please see the left hand side 2nd from top 'Student/Parent/Caregiver Portal' click on Student Managements System Portal, enter username and password. Student Reports are now also accessed through the Parent / Student Portal.

 UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                                                            

 Tues 1  ICAS English
   Year 9 - Cadet Recruitment (TBC)
 Thurs 3  SSEP Trip - 9H
 Fri 4  Blood Drive
   CACTUS starts
 Mon 7-11  Inter-Mountain Gaming Competition
 Wed 9  Information & Enrolment Evening
 Thurs 10  OPEN DAY
   Electrical and Mechanical Taster Course
   SSEP Trip - 9C
 Mon 14  Senior Physics Trip
 Tues 15  ICAS Mathematics
   Dave Upfold Comedy Stage Hypnotist
 Wed 16  Senior Parent Teacher Conferences
 Thurs 17  SSEP Trip - 9H
   Dave Upfold Comedy Stage Hypnotist
   Learning Structure Innovations Evening for 2018 6:00pm
 Fri 18  Band Festival
   OED200 Day Skippers
   Workplace Health & Safety
 Mon 21-25  Inter-mountain Netball Competition
 Mon 21  OED200 Day Skippers
 Wed 23 Aug - Fri 29 Sept  Revive a Smile Dental unit on site                                   
 Thurs 24  11OED Camp
   SSEP Trip - 9C
 Fri 25  11OED Camp
   Stage Band at Rauawaawa
   WWSS Ski & Snowboard Competition
 Mon 28  Senior Assessment Week
 Thurs 31  SSEP Trip - 9H


  Year 9
 Julie Wright
867  wrightj@faircol.school.nz
  Year 10
 Kiran Gibbard
  Year 11
 Kris Sainsbury
  Year 12
 Andrea Rodgers 875  rodgersa@faircol.school.nz
  Year 13
 Braden MacPherson
824  macphersonb@faircol.school.nz
  Deans Secretary
 Sally Winchester

  BELL SCHEDULE                                                                                                                  

  P1  Whanau   P2  Lunch  1 P3  P4  Lunch 2 P5 Students Depart
Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri  8:40am   9:40am 10:00am   11:00am   11:35am 12:35pm  1:35pm 2:10pm 3:10pm
  P1  P2   Lunch   1 P3  Assembly P4  Lunch 2 P5 Students Depart
Wednesday 9:00am*  9:50am**   10:45am  11:20am 12:15pm  12:45pm  1:40pm 2:15pm 3:10pm

*    Year 9 and Year 10 only start 9:00am Wednesdays
**   Year 11-13 start at 9:50am Wednesdays
      School finishes 3:10pm every day for all year levels

  DOCTORS SCHEDULE                                                                                                         

TUESDAYS           10:00am - 11:00am                              Dr Arvind Narayan
THURSDAYS          9:00AM - 11:00AM                               Dr Lydia Sulima-Rogaczewski

 NZQA STUDENT APP                                             FFC IS NOW ON FACEBOOK             




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 STUDENT PARENT PORTAL                                                                                                

The Student Parent Portal is available through the school website www.faircol.school.nz
This portal enables you to check your child's attendance, and academic results.  Other information regarding your child will become available as the year progresses.

  REPORTING STUDENT ABSENCE                                                                                      

Attendance is a key indicator of achievement and we have set a school goal of 92%.  Please report student absences by either one of the methods below:
  1. By telephone: call 853 5660 extn: 837.  Please record the full name of student, their whanau class and the reason for their absence.
  2. By email: absentees@faircol.school.nz   Please record the full name of the student, their whanau class and the reason for their absence.

  MOBILE APP CALLED "NCEA GUIDE"                                                                               

NZQA has launched an App called "NCEA Guide" written for parents, whanau and employers.

The App will provide quick and easy access to key information about NCEA and makes practical information about NCEA more easily accessible.  Parents and whanau will be able to access simple content about how NCEA works and how they can support family members studying in NCEA (no individual student result or progress information is available).
The App also supports employers seeking to understand and evaluate NCEA graduates and their qualification.  Content can be viewed in English and Te Reo Maori.
The NCEA Guide App will be free to download from the Apple App store and Google Play Store from early in the week of 26 May.
Information will be added to the NZQA website to promote the App and on launch day there will be social messages sent out about how to download it.
If you have any questions about the App or would like further information please contact Gill Hancock, Principals Nominee.